Geopolymers as decorative surfaces

Mnestra describes the potential uses for the mineral polymer called “Halchimia”. It is made from a mineral base with water being the only solvent required to make it workable. It is unique in its field due to the wide range of uses that it can be put to. Combining strong binding qualities and resistance to fire it finds uses in the decorative arts as it displays the characters of simple pigments, metal, wood, and stone. Guided, chance, thanks to its originality finds its place in the mystery of creation and makes each piece unique. Respectful of the environment and in tune with the ecological spirit of our time, ”Halchimia” is both an ancient ancestral materiel, yet futuristic at the same time. I had the good fortune to meet Roland Lefèvre my spiritual father a few years ago who taught me the basic techniques. Since then I have explored various avenues and have found my own method of transforming the material as well as refining a process that gives durability allowing its perfect integration into the works it embellishes.

Mnestra, the daughter of the prince of Thessaly “Erystichthon” was blessed with the extraordinary gift of transformation by the god Poseidon. This allowed Mnestra to help her father who had been cursed by the goddess Demeter for not respecting mother nature. Condemned to eat without hunger and never to be satisfied (satiated). This arrangement worked well for a while, the father sold his daughter who escaped by transforming herself, so Mnestra’s gift allowed her to feed him.The curse however did not abate and Erystichthon finished by devouring himself. But Mnestra had won the gift of metamorphosis. In remembrance of this story the Moiré fauve, (Mnestra’s ringlet) a ruddy brown European butterfly was given the scientific name Erebia Mnestra.



Etain Bronze Bronze imprimé Sand &Bronze Croco Mnestra Bronze Black Star Abyss Shade of Grey Iron Stone Terracotta Fonte Vert Graphite Or Moiré Gris Fleure noire Petit plateau vert foncé Grand plateau cuivre Petit plat orange Petit plat rose foncé Petit plateau foncée nacre Petit plat ratatouille Petit plat vert vert clair Grand plateau bronze